Artist Statement

How does an object operate when transposed to the photographic surface? Memory, what is recorded, what is remembered and what is archived for us to remember, occupy the gravitational centre of our lives. Objects, people and instances which made our existence possible are continuously recalled.

I photograph common-found objects and characters in my surroundings to create a photographic archaeology. Objects and people build reality at the same level, my  approach seeks to examine how the photographic image works as a flat-lay to level these two apparently very distant categories. Three dimensions compress into two and two apparently different ontological planes merge into one. In this superficial flatness, objects expose their semantical payload, the pathological charge and history: as the human subject.

Technical experimentation in the photographic medium, allows the creation of new and unique photographic surfaces that create images only possible through this medium. Strobes belong in photography and cannot be seen in other medium or by the naked eye. Through their use, subjects appear frozen for the camera. Photography extracts, severs, frames and cuts. Photography selects and decontextualizes a situation or scenario, detaching it from reality.

I explore the home as a burrow. We elaborate spaces to appropriate them and in order to create safe spaces for our communities and rituals. We modify, add and arrange objects in order to create a semantic personal space. My practice levels and compares intimate space and its arrangements with its dwellers: the objects and subjects. How is the identity embroidered in these objects different to the identity inlaid in a person and its memory?

Pablo Pérez Díaz
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